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2602 K Street
San Diego, CA, 92102
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Fun, dainty, elegant, avant garde and every day jewelry you will find in our store. We have jewelry for all occasions and moods.

Quartyard Night Market


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Quartyard Night Market

Quartyard's Market Nights are back! And this time, they're full of color. For the next 4 months, we're theming our markets around color and the meaning behind it. They'll each host specialty cocktails and featured products. 

As ususal, we'll also feature our favorite craft vendors, delicious food trucks, and great live music.

Up first for September: AMBER

Amber is a fiery golden color which waves between yellow, orange, red, and brown. It is known to represent strength, courage, and purpose; often in times of change or personal development. It is derived from amber stone, which is made of ancient fossilized resin. The greek word for Amber is “elektron”, meaning sun.

Dani Bell & The Tarantist | Birdy Bardot

Aunty Lynne's Catering | Salt + Lime S.D | Monster Craft

Ashley Asher Design | Library Shop | CRAFT + FOSTER | Be Kind Vibes |Hello Concrete | LĒNUS | The Lomas Brand | VIXEN | Set + Stone | More TBA

Thursday, September 29th
6PM - 10PM
Family Friendly
Dog Friendly