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2602 K Street
San Diego, CA, 92102
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Fun, dainty, elegant, avant garde and every day jewelry you will find in our store. We have jewelry for all occasions and moods.

Jewelry Care

Sweet 1985 jewelry is created with love and care in Southern California. Please follow these simple instructions to help keep your pieces looking their best for many years to come.

  • Store each of your pieces separately in their original boxes . We suggest hanging the body pieces and necklaces.

  • If you wear deodorant, perfume, or hairspray, please apply it before putting the jewelry on.

  • Please remove your jewelry before doing types of activities such as swimming, bathing, yoga, gym and any household chores with abrasive house cleaners.

  • If your jewelry requires further cleaning, use a mild soap, water and a soft cloth. Rinse with clean water and pat dry. Do not use  jewelry cleaner, as it is too harsh and may contain abrasives. We recommend using a polishing cloth for your pieces.

  • To clean the crystals, please use a soft toothbrush or polishing cloth.

  • Dry your jewelry completely before storing.

  • If you’re getting black or green markings on your skin, please be sure to clean your jewelry daily. The black and green markings are due to oil and dirt being trapped in the metal.