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Fun, dainty, elegant, avant garde and every day jewelry you will find in our store. We have jewelry for all occasions and moods.

♡ Necklaces

Goldie Pear Ox Necklace


Goldie Pear Ox Necklace


Our Ox head is hand carved in wax and casted in metal. The stone is casted in place, meaning that the stone goes thru the lost wax casting process. It is a delicate art. We used a Pink Pear shape CZ to create this wonderful piece.

All Stones are casted in place, meaning that each piece is made to order.

  • Available in : Pendant(Pink Brass)/Chain+ Clasp (Gold Filled)

  • Chain Length : 16" ** Please message us if you need longer chain** Depending on length, price may vary.




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